The main objective of publishing these books is to make all type of technical knowledge available in Marathi. It will be our endeavor to produce these books with quality standards at par with the books published in English language.

The books are as follows:

  • Sulabh Yantrashala – Training a student who has studied up to standard 10, in Marathi medium, for working in Work Shop.
  • Pragat Yantrashala – Information about modern equipment’s, CNC machines, tooling, machine programming.
  • Yantrashala Hastapustak – A handbook giving all relevant information required for working in a Work Shop.
  • JodaniKaam – (Assembly Fitter)
The Magazine ‘Dhatukam – Yantra aani Tantra’:-

The spade work for launching a new magazine in Marathi on the lines of European or American magazines like ‘Modern Machine Shop’, ‘American Machinist’ or ‘Fertigung’ is underway. The main objective of this magazine is to give the readers the latest information about all the modern techniques of producing machine parts using machine tools. The magazine will also contain information about the financial activities, new products, new industrial units and projects. It will be our endeavor to give useful information to the workers, supervisors and officers in every issue of this magazine.

The Themes of the first three issues will be as follows:
  • First Issue – Automation
  • Second Issue – Inspection and Measuring Equipment’s
  • Third Issue – Cutting Tools and Related Equipment

The subsequent issues will be handling subjects such as Machine Tool Accessories, Hard Turning, Clamping and Fixtures etc.

The First Three Issues

We estimate that there are more than five thousand Engineering Work Shops in Maharashtra. We are going to print five thousand copies of the first three issues and distribute them to these five thousand Work Shops free of cost. We will make an appeal to the readers in these free copies that they can get further issues of the magazine regularly by paying an annual subscription of Rs. 1000/-. By sending the first three issues in this manner, we will seek feedback from the readers which will be important with respect to improvements in the subsequent issues of the magazine.


There are innumerable well wishers in the field of Machine Tools who are curious about the magazine ‘Dhatukam’. We are confident of getting full support from them by way of advertisements. We will ensure that the magazine will meet international quality standards. Moreover, the five thousand copies of the first three issues are definitely going to be in the hands of people and industrialists connected with this industry.