Udyam Prakashan – Profile

‘Udyam Prakashan’ has been established with the objective of publishing technical books and magazines in Indian languages and thereby bring professional knowledge at the doorsteps of the common technician. There are thousands of small and medium engineering concerns spread all over India. The majority of the work force on the shop floor is not conversant with English. If these people have to be trained in order to improve their productivity,it is necessary to impart technical training in regional languages. Books are certainly important for achieving this goal, but magazines also have a major role to play. Professional magazines do an important task of making this work-force aware of the latest production techniques, new experimentation and trials being taken in the industrial domains, latest accessories and tools recently entering the market etc. for this very reason ‘Udyam’ has decided to publish a magazine along with books.

In the year 2017, the publication of the Marathi magazine ‘ DHATUKAM’- (Metal Working) was commenced. In the year 2018 we plan to publish the same magazine in Kannada and Hindi, along with four new books in Marathi.


The major objective of producing these books is to make available, in Marathi, all types of technology required for running a workshop. We shall endeavour to make these books at par with the international ones, as far as quality is concerned.

Our proposed books are as follows:

  • Sulabh Yantrashala (Basic Workshop Technology) – Workshop Training for a student who has studied up to standard 10 in Marathi.
  • Pragat Yantrashala (Advanced Workshop Technology) – Information about modern machines and equipment, CNC machines, tooling and machine programming.
  • Yantrashala Hastapustak (Mechanical Handbook) – A reference book which furnishes all the information and data which is required during daily working in a workshop.
Monthly Magazine ‘Dhatukam – Yantra aani Tantra’:-

The Marathi monthly magazine; on the lines of ‘Modern Machine Shop’, ‘American Machinist’ or ‘Fertigung’; ‘ Dhatukam’ is being published for the past 12 months. This magazine, which is started with the intention of bringing the latest information about all the processes required to manufacture machine components using machine tools; also contains details of the financial happenings, latest products and new factories in this field. We shall endeavor to include relevant and latest information which will be useful to the workers, operators, supervisors and managers on shop floor, in every issue of the magazine. It is being circulated to 16000 workshops in and around Maharashtara.

Some Themes From Our Recent Issues Are as Follows:
  • Automation
  • Inspection and Measuring Equipments
  • Cutting Tools and Related Equipment
  • Machine Tool Accessories
  • Hard part Turning s
  • Clamping Equipment
  • CNC Machine
  • Tooling and Tool Holders

Looking at the response received by the magazine ‘Dhatukam’, it is obvious that the articles and Advertisements appearing in the magazine have a large readership. Since the production standards of our magazine are of International level, we assure our advertisers that their products will directly reach the customer/end user, in the best visual display.