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Udyam Prakashan    15-Feb-2020
Since its inception in June 2017, more than 30 issues of the Marathi Magazine “Dhatukam” and more than 12 issues of Hindi Magazine “Dhatukarya” and Kannada Magazine “Lohkarya” dedicated to manufacturing in the field of mechanical engineering, have been published. The response to this magazine is most encouraging. This magazine reaches nearly 40,000 small, medium and large companies, educational institutions and business organizations. This technical magazine is being published in an Indian language with the view to support building engineering and technological culture in India. We are making good progress in that direction.
You are aware that advertisements add value to any magazine by giving relevant product information to the reader apart from helping the smooth running of the magazine. This appeal is to all of you, requesting for advertisements for a period of 3/6/12 months and help our novel enterprise.
You have a great opportunity to directly communicate with your targeted end users about the unique features of your products. Not only will your advertisement reach nearly 40,000 companies; but they will be read by those who are technically better-informed through regular perusal of articles from our magazine.
You can contact our representative for the schedule as well as rates for advertisements as below
Pune: +91 9307909747
It is our humble request to advertisement in our magazine and support our efforts to spread knowledge and information to the grass root level in Indian manufacturing Industry.